At the end of 2008 I decided to make a commitment to my creativity. Ive been back in the UK for almost two years & felt I haven't been as committed as I was in Mauritius; there are so many distractions! Not anymore. Making this conscious decision to put my creativity first has synchronised my life. Amazing things have been happening for me in such a short time. Who knows where I will be this time next year!



A Year on and the creativity knows no bounds! Angel Vs Devil Jewellery has become a big hit and is growing stronger every month. It now has its own website, Facebook Fan Page, the number of stockists is growing accross the country from North Yorkshire to Shropshire. Pieces of my jewellery have been sent to Europe, the USA and Australia proving to be a great unique gift.

As my fan base increases its lovely to find interested celebrities supporting the brand!




Since leaving College I have become a self taught artist.

Born in the Uk, I lived in Manchester until moving to Mauritius from 2002 - 2007 when I returned back to the Uk.

Recently I moved on to sunnier climates. New designs have been put on hold whilst I get settled in my new surroundings.

I still have a small foot in Afflecks Palace, Manchester (The fabulous Strawberri Peach on 1st floor) and I am still selling online or via email to order, contact me liz@artliz.net

My studio is currently in Gibraltar.

 Update Update Update
well.... I was in Gibraltar, but of course life flies by and now I am in Malta. 
Since closing all my stockists my jewellery making has been a little slow, concentrating on art commissions and moving etc! I do have stock so contact me if theres anything you see :)

When I am not creating my ANGEL VS DEVIL JEWELLERY I paint   

I promote my creativity through various exhibitions, galleries, shops & online galleries.

Now many of my paintings & pieces of jewellery have new homes worldwide.


check out my art www.artliz.net


I love creating Angel Vs Devil Jewellery. I have a wide range of affordable jewellery ranging from £5 to £150. Whether you love the angelic side of my work you wanting - just wings or you're a bit edgy and love lots of skull & crossbones you will love my jewellery!

All the pieces you see are assembled in my own unique designs.... Some are simple (and affordable) and many are complex (and more expensive) even taking days to complete. My more intricate designs are made with a slight obsessive edge, and give me the feeling of creating art. Who says art can't be worn!


Angel Vs Devil Jewellery Available...



Kilt Pin Brooches ~ ideal on a belt, bag, gathering a cardi, or on a pocket - like Jamie Afro

Bracelets (toggle clasp, mens chunky, Easticated crystal chip or Full-On!)

Earrings ~ Hoop, Loose or Full-On styles

Necklaces ~ Simple, Medium, Chunky, Long Drop, Neckpiece or Choker styles.


I use Czech glass beads in a variety of colours...

Dark red, purple, green, blue, clear and black. They're gorgeous quality and give a lovely twinkle.

I use crystal chip in a variety of types...

Clear quartz, rose quartz, garnet, reg agate, blue howlite, amethyst, blue goldstone, sodlite, jade & hematite.


Being allergic to many metals, I try to use nickel free where possible. I make sure all my earwires are Silver 925. The newer wings I am using are all silver plated and the new skulls are white gold plated. Other items I have are either Tibetan silver or silvertone. I would love to make my entire range in sterling silver, but it's just not possible at the moment. It's a mixture of metals, plates, textures and colours from shiny silver to gunmetal gray.


A great tip for anyone who loves different types of jewellery... if you find your jewellery is beginning to tarnish then running a silver cloth over it will help to brighten it again. Perfume, makeup and natural sweat can all have an affect on your jewellery... I find that using clear nail varnish on my jewellery will help keep it looking fresh and protect my skin from reacting to it.