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Northwich, Cheshire

My Experience so far....

As you can see... I'm an artist, I make jewellery, I am a Reiki practitioner, I do voluntary work and lots of ad-hoc agency work....

None of which bring me in a great income! I don't do any of these things for the money, just for the love of them.

I wanted something part time, to increase my income. I've been searching for ages but nothing was flexible enough, or paid enough, or was within a reasonable distance from home, sounded fun or the slightest bit interesting.... until I came across Kleeneze.

I wanted to earn an extra £50 a week... which I have done, and more. But now it has become more than that. I am thinking long term goals, future financial nest egg, a bigger house, great holidays, maybe my own art Gallery... really, it is changing my life, because that is what I want to achieve, and more importantly - I can achieve with Kleeneze - I know!!! Putting out catalogues, it sounds crazy!

I have never had so much encouragement or met such inspirational people, I love this new job and know that there are so many people out there who can be changing their lives too.... or just having a more comfortable Christmas, or a fab holiday next year!! With lots of hard work and time put in, you could be earning what you deserve whilst have the opportunity to win cars and 5 star holidays... it is amazing!

YES It is normal and sensible to be sceptical.

YES you have to pay for the catalogues... even as a Taxi driver you have to pay for your radio rental and petrol before you even earn money

BUT - There is an option to start for FREE, though it is a slow progress with only 5 catalogues.

NO - it is not pyramid selling. Depending on how much effort you put in, you can begin to earn more than those above you.

IS IT HARD WORK? well, it depends on you. Physically there is walking involved... surely that’s what legs are for! I use a trolley so I don't break my back. I use a waterproof coat because I am a girly and don't want wet hair, but hey, you get fit and appreciate the fresh air, the sunshine and working for yourself!!

There are challenges like with any new experience. It isn't a get rich quick job, but it is a job you can do alongside your part time, or even full time jobs.

Why have I put 'Law of attraction' as the page header? because that is how it this work feels to me.

It has inspired me to succeed in something I am putting my effort into.

It can give me whatever I dream of!

Must Watch...

  You Tube Link - Why Join?
· It is the best BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in the
· Voted EUROPE’S NUMBER ONE networking company for the last TEN YEARS
· We are in the LARGEST world market
· We are part of the FASTEST growing market in the world

· Where else could you be part of an 80 YEAR OLD BRAND LEADER COMPANY for less than a good night out –TV Licence – Car Tax?

· MARKET = £10 Billion TURNOVER in the UK alone.

· We personally TRAIN our Team Members to operate, maintain and GROW their own Business

· Monthly TRAINING and OPPORTUNITY sessions are available

· Help, advice, TUITION on a DAILY BASIS


· We know that the AVERAGE ORDER IS £10

· We know that FROM DAY ONE WE RETAIN 21% of sales

· We know that from just our own retail we can ACHIEVE £13 PLUS PER HOUR

· There is not another OPPORTUNITY in the world, that can offer you your own Business within such a growing market place, to enable you, even on a part time basis, to earn the salary you require for the hours that you want to work.


NO 9-5






Each CATALOGUE is a sales Person, working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. It does not require a penny salary

Every Catalogue that you pick up, with an order, pays YOU 33% (of Sales Plan Value/21% Retail Value).

Given to you by someone that you have probably never even met or spoken to.


If you SERIOUSLY, want to earn SERIOUS MONEY, have the ATTITUDE, COMMITMENT and DETERMINATION, sprinkled with a little PATIENCE –




If you would like some 'more information' - thats all - no pressure to join

contact me using the contact me page
phone me 07935654247
Good Luck
Liz McDonough

Wealth Warning: “It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”

Kleeneze sells a range of products for use in the home, the care of the home and for personal care and use